Jabra is proud to be part of the GN Group – a brave and inventive group of people who have been breaking new frontiers since 1869. From their home of Copenhagen, Denmark, The GN Group revolutionized communications by laying the world’s first submarine cable which carried the first telegraph line linking East to West and brought the world closer together.  Jabra brought the world’s first ultra noise-cancelling microphone, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset and the world’s first sports headphones with integrated heart-rate monitor, to name a few.  
Jabra also has close relationship with ReSound, their sister brand.  ReSound are world-leading hearing-aid experts. They blend design and technology to bring people with profound hearing loss closer to the things they love. Their powerful, discreet, smart hearing aids can be controlled by integrated apps. This delivers a natural, personalized hearing experience and can transform the hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones.  What ReSound knows, Jabra knows.
Wondering which Jabra headsets will work with your phones?  See our Compatibility Guide for headset solutions.