Whether it’s rising to the needs of government contractors during a crisis and providing product for emergency call centers, or assisting a corporate move from legacy product to a newer platform with updated items, Lexair has been at the forefront creating and finding solutions to meet each customer’s needs.  We are there from beginning to end as well as after the sale to assist each customer in reaching their goals.  We also offer Punch-out catalog service to our Enterprise customers.

With the current circumstances, many companies have employees working from home, and children are learning from home through video conferencing.  We have a large variety of headsets, speakerphones and other items to assist virtual workers and students in completing their tasks.



Lexair Supports Federal, State and Local Government with Proven Business Solutions.  


Federal, state or local government representatives increasingly face difficulties navigating sourcing and procurement requirements in a constantly evolving IT and telecommunications world.  The pace of technology compounded by the ever changing demands of internal IT strategies and budget constraints have made these tasks challenging at best, and in many cases, overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Lexair is an experienced government contractor for telecommunications equipment and managed/IT services.  We understand the many requirements unique to the public sector.  From NSN, NAICS, SIC codes, set-aside criteria, FAR’s, Mil-Spec, QML and special packaging to SAM’s registration, CAGE code, GSA, P-Card, SEWP and JWOD; we speak your language!  

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Making your Contact Center and Business Services "Future-Proof!" 

Today's contact centers and business service providers rely on cutting edge technology to meet or exceed their customers' expectations.  Success demands the best telecom and IT devices, associated support services and IT services to enhance your service delivery and to "future-proof" your device investment.   Performance interruptions due to poor voice quality, dropped calls or device deficiencies can cost companies more than just the associated expenses, they make you vulnerable to competitors. Wouldn’t it be helpful if one supplier was a device expert, had developed a host of managed services to support your telecom/IT infrastructure and also offered IT services to participate in the development of the software/applications prior to device selection? Could then perform data analytics captured by the hardware and devices supplied? What if that same supplier could perform analytics that would expose potential performance weakness, predict future outcomes and prescribe actionable prevention? Lexair is that supplier!

At Lexair, we build solutions. We are an audio and video device specialist and a provider of managed services and IT services. With over 20 years of telecommunications and IT experience, as technology has evolved, Lexair has evolved. Our “Define-Device-Develop-Deploy” approach provides a unique perspective by being present throughout the process, from strategy to product selection to implementation to maintenance. Additionally, Lexair has demonstrated knowledge and experience as a tier one supplier to both global contact centers and business services customers.

For suggested headsets specifically for call centers, click Contact Center.

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"We Build Solutions." 

Remaining competitive in today’s manufacturing environment has become more and more challenging.  Year-over-year cost reduction targets placed on IT and telecommunications procurement representatives, vendor downsizing, and internal silos have often forced even the best companies to settle for “or”; Speed-or-Quality-or-Price.  Why settle for “or” when you can have “and”?

Lexair is a supplier partner.  We believe in the power of “AND”.  By combining product supply AND managed services AND IT services, we deliver solutions that support measurable cost savings AND on-time delivery AND quality products and services.  

We supply industry leading brands for desktop, UC/collaboration, conference and mobility voice and video device applications for the various use requirements throughout an enterprise.  These devices can be supplied as a purchase or as “Device-as-a-Service” (“DaaS”).  

We complement our product supply by offering a range of managed services and IT services. From managed services that reduce costs associated with field-service technicians through our more efficient, low-cost “0-Touch-Labor” delivery solution to turnkey unified communications managed device deployment that increases UC adoption, we offer innovative process improvements and savings.  Plus, with the added benefit of IT services for staff augmentation, data analytics, testing/QA and software/application development, Lexair has the knowledge, experience and the resources to overcome today and tomorrow’s competitive demands.  

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We Support At Home Agents, Virtual Workers and At Home Students. 

In today's business climate, we are seeing more and more companies turn to an "At Home Agent" solution with their current employees.  Lexair supports many companies with headsets certified for the various platforms like Web-Ex, Zoom, Ring and more.  We carry a large variety of headsets and devices certified for Microsoft Teams and support multiple voice platforms.  We also offer audio and video equipment to support online conferences and at home classes for virtual learning for students which keeps everyone in touch with what's happening in their business or school environment. 

Need a little help deciding which headsets are right for you?  Read 5 Steps to Choosing Poly Headsets for Remote Working.

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Link:  Products suggested for At Home Agents and Virtual Workers.