Whether it’s rising to the needs of government contractors during a crisis and providing product for emergency call centers, or assisting a corporate move from legacy product to a newer platform with updated items, Lexair has been at the forefront creating and finding solutions to meet each customer’s needs.  We are there from beginning to end as well as after the sale to assist each customer in reaching their goals.  We also offer Punch-out catalog service to our Enterprise customers.

With the current circumstances, many companies have employees working from home, and children are learning from home through video conferencing.  We have a large variety of headsets, speakerphones and other items to assist virtual workers and students in completing their tasks.

Lexair supports Federal, State, and Local Government with proven Solutions

Lexair helps "Future Proof" Contact 

and Call centers

Lexair builds solutions for Manufacturers

Lexair Support At Home Agents, Virtual Workers and At Home Students.

Lexair provides technology solutions that keep patients and health care practitioners connected

Lexair understands the needs of Professional drivers that must stay connected for many hours on the road.