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Habitat Soundscaping – Plantronics

On July 26, 2017, Plantronics announced Habitat Soundscaping, an intelligent modern acoustic management service inspired by nature that transforms distracting open office spaces into peaceful environments.

Habitat Soundscaping is completely new and helps create the office environment of the future using nature-inspired audio, captivating visuals of nature and intelligent software. This new product idea can be used in large open spaces or smaller collaborative areas. Instead of being distracted by the noise around them, people can enjoy the relaxing visual of a waterfall coupled with the soothing sound, thus providing a more productive work area.  Studies have shown that the soft sounds and visuals of nature relieve workplace fatigue and stress.

Speakers can be strategically placed in the ceiling or around the office space along with the audio-visual placement in the ceiling, on a wall, or free-standing divider.

David Danto, an industry consultant and analyst, and director of emerging technology for the non-profit IMCCA states, “It’s great to see a company taking a complete fresh approach toward solving the problems and complaints associated with today’s open offices. Plantronics has developed a revolutionary leap ahead in how it both addresses the pervasive problems and vastly improves user experiences in open plan spaces. Their new Habitat Soundscaping is a comprehensive solution that will lead to both increased ROI for organizations and happier and more productive employees.”

The Habitat Soundscaping service is currently available in the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.

For more information about this very new and exciting service, please contact us.

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