New Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series Bluetooth Headset Features

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 New Features with Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series

The Voyager 5200 Office Series offers workers who are in and out of the office a Bluetooth headset solution that moves with them.  Poly took the Voyager 5200 UC and improved upon it.  Both Voyager UC and Voyager 5200 Office Series offer multi-connectivity to your devices.

What's the difference between the models?

Voyager 5200 UC connects via a BT600 USB adapter - USB-A or USB-C - to your PC/MAC and directly to the mobile phone.

Voyager 5200 Office Series one-way base connects to your desk phone via an EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) cable and directly to your mobile phone.

Voyager 5200 Office Series two-way base connects to your desk phone via an EHS cable and to your PC/MAC via a USB-A or USB-C cable and directly to your mobile phone.

The headset is pocket-sized and comfortable enough to wear all day.  Talk time/Standby is up to 7 hours and up to 9 days of standby time.  With the charging case, you can recharge your headset in a little over an hour.

Some great features:

*  Four-mic noise canceling adaptive DSP that work together to cancel background noise as in traffic or noisy crowds.

*  Exclusive Windsmart technology with six layers of unique WindSmart technology that detects wind direction and responds accordingly so your voice always come through crystal clear.

*  Comfort-tested design for a wide range of ear shapes.

*  Smart sensor technology automatically detects whether or not the headset is being worn, directing the call to the proper device.

*  Caller ID and Voice Answer - Announces the names of incoming callers and responds when you say "Answer" or "Ignore" allowing call management using voice commands. (Answer/ignore/end, redial, mute, volume +/-)

*  Dedicated Voice Control - Activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana with a touch of a button on the headset.

*  Extended range up to 98 feet/30 meters of range from supported smartphone or laptop with USB Bluetooth adapter for UC models.

*  Range for Office Models - Up to 75 meters/250 feet*.

*  Moisture resistant with a nano-coating by P2i which protects the headset from light rain, humidity and sweat.

*  Portable charging with a portable charge case (included) with an integrated docking stand for up to 14 extra hours of power.

*  Dynamic mute alert senses and alerts you when you begin to speak while on mute.

*  Multi-device connectivity - Work seamless across smartphones, laptops, tablets and Bluetooth-enabled desk phones.

*  Find your headset with Tile.  If your Voyager headset goes missing, Tile will help you find it.

Available Apps:

  •   Plantronics Hub desktop** version is available for Windows/Mac, mobile version offered on Abdroid and iOS.
  •   Plantronics Manager Pro** suites:  Asset Management & Adoption, Call Quality & Analytics, Health & Safety.
  •   Amazon Alexa built-in for UC Series.  Click Alexa to read more.


  *Voyager 5200 CD, Voyager 5200 D, Line of sight.

  **Plantronics Manager Pro/Plantronics Hub desktop is not supported with the desk phone only models.

For more information, please contact a Lexair headset specialist today!



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