Managing Annoying Sound in the Workplace

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Whether you’re in a contact center, service center, open office, or on the go, the biggest complaint people usually have is the surrounding noise around them when they are trying to have a telephone conversation be it in the office or in an airport.

Plantronics has gone to great lengths to help solve that problem with a diverse line of noise canceling headsets that use technology to help you hear better as well as your customer, thus creating a more efficient work environment. Office design consideration is also a big solution in solving the noise problem using Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping service.  Soundscaping products are strategically placed throughout the environment to absorb the surrounding noise such as in the ceiling, on the walls and on moveable sound boards.


What does a noise canceling headset accomplish?  It removes the noise around you so that your customer doesn’t hear what else is going on in your vicinity and enables you to hear your customer much better.  See more on Plantronics Headset Families and what is available in both corded and wireless headsets.

Habitat Soundscaping adds soothing sounds like waterfalls or other types of office architectural products in your area to soak up that annoying noise allowing for a more efficient workplace.
Watch the video about managing noise below:

Please Contact a Lexair certified headset specialist for more information on any Plantronics products or services.

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