The New Hybrid Workplace

What is Hoteling?

Hoteling is the method of either reserving office space and available resources in an office or using a shared space rather than a dedicated space.  Though there will still be some private offices and dedicated spaces, some employees coming from the hybrid work-from-home and previous office environments are now planning to return to the new office environment and must adapt to transitioning from a dedicated space to a shared space (AKA Hoteling).  Companies may no longer require large real estate and can cut costs and increase employee morale and satisfaction by downsizing their total office space using a Hoteling solution.

What does this mean for all the phones, headsets, and other communication devices that your company already has?

Instead of purchasing all new equipment, you can utilize your existing phone equipment by adding certain devices, such as the MDA220 USB communications hub, that manages calls from desk phones, softphones and mobile phones. The MDA220 remains on the desk with PC (or laptop) and phone, and the employees bring their own headsets to the desk and simply plug in.