Lexair provides headsets and accessories for many types of healthcare providers.  We assist our customers in choosing the correct headset for their specific needs.


·       What type of application will they be using the device for?

·       Is the background noise level loud or minimal?

·       Will phone usage be all day or intermittently? 

·       What is the customer connecting the headset to?  Desk phone, PC and/or mobile device?

·       Will the user require noise-canceling microphones and/or speakers?

·       What wearing styles would better fit their circumstance?  Over-the-Head, Behind-the-Head, Over-the-Ear or a

            headset with multiple wearing styles all-in-one?

·       What is the customer’s preferred headset option – Wireless, or corded hands-free?

·       Would a headset that can be answered and ended away from the desk be more valuable so as not to miss any



Once we understand the needs and preferences of each department, we can better understand and assist our customers with the right equipment for them.


For suggestions on specific healthcare departments, click here.