Remaining competitive in today’s manufacturing environment has become more and more challenging.  Year-over-year cost reduction targets placed on IT and telecommunications procurement representatives, vendor downsizing, and internal silos have often forced even the best companies to settle for “or”; Speed-or-Quality-or-Price.  Why settle for “or” when you can have “and”?


Lexair is a supplier partner.  We believe in the power of “AND”.  By combining product supply AND managed services AND IT services, we deliver solutions that support measurable cost savings AND on-time delivery AND quality products and services.  


We supply industry leading brands for desktop, UC/collaboration, conference and mobility voice and video device applications for the various use requirements throughout an enterprise.  These devices can be supplied as a purchase or as “Device-as-a-Service” (“DaaS”).  


We complement our product supply by offering a range of managed services and IT services. From managed services that reduce costs associated with field-service technicians through our more efficient, low-cost “0-Touch-Labor” delivery solution to turnkey unified communications managed device deployment that increases UC adoption, we offer innovative process improvements and savings.  Plus, with the added benefit of IT services for staff augmentation, data analytics, testing/QA and software/application development, Lexair has the knowledge, experience and the resources to overcome today and tomorrow’s competitive demands.  


If you are seeking immediate cost savings and improved efficiencies that extend beyond the status quo, contact a Lexair Solutions Specialist today!