Define - Device - Develop - Deploy

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

My company . . .

* wants to move to unified communications

* has deployed UC and wants to add voice

* has deployed UC with voice enabled, but will continue to use telephones as well

* wants to move completely to UC voice and we need to remove the telephones from the desktops

* is considering various UC platforms

* started with one UC voice platform, but now plans to change to MS Teams

* deployed UC with voice enabled and need to increase adoption

At Lexair, we build UC deployment solutions that address each customer's unique deployment strategy.  We are a supplier of unified communications/MS Teams devices, a provider of managed services that support any deployment strategy and IT services to support the required software/applications development and data analytics prior or post deployment.



Why Partner with Lexair?

  •  Improve your User Experience
  •  One source for your communication/voice/video technology combined with device endpoints and support
  •  Supply and support for UC, contact center, desktop, WFH, mobility and hybrid use cases
  •  20+ years of Tier 1 National & Global Enterprise Supplier-Partner Success
  •  A host of Value-Added Support Services
  •  Increase UC adoption
  •  On-Prem to Cloud Communications and Device Migration Success
  •  Authorized Partner-Reseller of Industry leading device brands and cloud service providers
  •  Protect ROI
  •  A proven technology and device deployment solution that is replicable and scalable

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