Our Bluetooth mobile headsets come in an array of shapes, sizes and wearing styles. It will be helpful in your decision making to consider how many other devices you want to pair your headset to like connecting to your mobile phone and tablet, or connecting with a laptop and PC, or buying one that comes with a dongle so you can connect to multiple devices. The great thing about today’s mobile headset is you can verbally tell it to answer/end a call keeping your hands free to do other things.


For a little help making a decision, take a look at the chart below.

                                                   4210 UC                    4220 UC                     5200 UC                      8200 UC                  FOCUS UC                    Talk 45                       75 UC                    65 UC Mono             65 UC Stereo                  85 UC

Glossary of Terms

Microphones – The more microphones you have the better.  With each additional microphone sensing background noise, your headset can better identify your voice making your call more clear to your caller.

A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile lets you listen to music through your Bluetooth headset when connected to your mobile phone or mp3 player.

PNC -  Passive Noise Canceling. Uses well designed ear cups to seal out unwanted noise.  This is used for both over-the-ear/over-the-head headsets and in-ear headsets where the ear bud itself will keep surrounding noise out.

ANC - Active Noise Canceling.  Only on dual ear headsets, offers noise canceling capability on both sides of the headset. Technology that reverses surrounding sound waves to cancel low-frequency noise in order to isolate and minimize ambient noise the user can hear.

HFP - Hands Free Profile is what allows voice dialing activation, redial, call transfer and call answer/end capabilities.

DSP - Active Digital Signal Processing allows for seamless and pleasant wireless conversation regardless of environment.

Wideband - Gives you a clearer, more natural sound to your voice.

NFC pairing - Near Field Communication allows for quick pairing of devices when active and in near proximity

Caller Announce - Will tell you who is calling from your mobile phones contact list.

Voice Alerts (Whispers) - You will hear the headset say power on, power off, talk time, battery low and so forth….

Voice Commands - You can tell the headset what you want it to do from a list of commands, like answer or ignore tone incoming call.