Poly BT700 High-fidelity Bluetooth USB-C Adapter (Poly 217878-01/HP 786C5AA)



Poly BT700 High-fidelity Bluetooth USB-C Adapter

Introducing our new and improved BT700 dongles with a refreshed look and compact form factor which allows you to leave it in your laptop or PC to save space! Fitted with the latest BT v5.1 Bluetooth low energy technology, giving you greater wireless range and faster connection to take calls anywhere.  Replaces BT600 adapter.


Bluetooth v5.1
    Class 1
    Remembers up to 2 devices, connects to one at a time
    Supported Bluetooth profiles
        -A2DP, AVRCP, HSP
        Up to 50 m/164 ft

Multicolor LEDs indicates status:
    LED Indication - Mode
        Off - Headset not connected
        Flashing Red/Blue - Pairing mode
        Red - Call muted
        Flashing Blue - Voice Link open
    Standard Mode
        Solid Blue - Headset connected idle
        Flashing Purple - Music Streaming
    Microsoft Teams Mode
        Solid Purple - Connected to Microsoft Teams
        Flashing Purple for 10 seconds then off - Failed to connect to Microsoft Teams - ensure Teams is running
        Pulsing Purple - Microsoft Teams notification


Warranty - 2 years