What's the difference between EncorePro 500 QD and EncorePro 500 Digital Headsets?

What's the difference between EncorePro 500 QD and EncorePro 500 Digital Headsets?

Posted by UC Zilla, Headset Specialist on Nov 3rd 2021


EncorePro Digital 500 USB Series and DA Series

The Poly EncorePro Quick Disconnect (QD) "HW" model headsets have been on the market for some time.  People who work in contact centers love them, as they are professional, reliable, and are great for all day use.   EncorePro QD headsets do not include a connecting cable out of the box. They require a bottom cable, allowing the user to choose a specific bottom cord or cable to fit their specific type/model phone.  Without the direct connect cable, the headset cannot produce sound. See Bottom Headset Cables.  The bottom cable can be left in the phone or PC while the user can disconnect and take the headset home allowing another user to use their own QD headset to connect.  The new EncorePro 500 Digital Series is an entirely different type of headset.

Introducing the NEW EncorePro Digital 500 USB Series and DA Series

You need a professional USB corded headset for your job, but your office PC uses a USB-A port and the laptop you use at home has a USB-C port.  Do you need two different headsets; one with a USB-A connector and another one with a USB-C connector?  No, not any more.

Poly has recently released the new EncorePro "EP" 500 Digital USB Series headsets that have both a USB-A and a USB-C connector on the same cable which is hardwired to the headset.  No longer will you require two different headsets.

The Poly EncorePro 500 Digital Series is available in both the UC and Microsoft Teams versions.  It comes in either single or dual ear, and offers a convertible model which can be worn over the ear, over the head and behind the head.  The MS Teams version has a dedicated Teams button right on the controller which can immediately activate the Teams mode.  This smarter digital headset is the first of it's kind to connect you to everything Teams has to offer even while you're on a call.  Hybrid working at its best!

Headset Features:

  • Built-in USB-A and USB-C connectors
  • Full native Microsoft Teams experience (on -M models only)
  • Access to missed calls, voicemail, and calendar notifications
  • Dynamic audio adjustment
  • Remote firmware and cloud system updates
  • Built-in Hold and Call Answer buttons
  • Recessed buttons
  • Single button for joint audio/video hold
  • Acoustic hearing protection
  • Improved cable durability

Compare the EncorePro QD 500 "HW"models with the EncorePro Digital 500 "EP" USB models

(See note about Compatibility below*)


See more detailed information about the EncorePro 500 "EP" digital headset models.


EP515 Single Ear USB UC    

EP525 Dual Ear USB UC

EP515-M Single Ear USB MS Teams

EP525-M  Dual Ear USB MS Teams

EP545 Convertible USB Headset

If you already have an "HW" series EncorePro Quick Disconnect, and would like the multi-connectivity of both USB choices on one cable, the DA75, DA85 and DA85-M series controller is available as follows and is compatible with the EncorePro QD headsets:

DA75 Streamlined, distraction free

DA85 Unique single button for joint audio/video hold, volume/mute

DA85-M Full native Microsoft Teams experience

*Compatibility Note:  Regarding the "HW" headsets - Since they are Quick Disconnect headsets and are not hardwired to anything out of the box, they require a bottom cable or amplifier for connectivity which gives you choices depending on the device you are connecting to.  See Direct Connect Cables.

For more information or Enterprise pricing, please contact a Lexair certified headset specialist.