Hoteling - How to have a successful Hybrid Workplace

Hoteling - How to have a successful Hybrid Workplace

Posted by Lisa Steller & UC Zilla, Headset Specialists on Aug 9th 2021



How to have a successful Hybrid Workplace

What is Hoteling?

Hoteling is the method of either reserving office space and available resources in an office or using a shared space rather than a dedicated space.  Though there will still be some private offices and dedicated spaces, some employees coming from the hybrid work-from-home and previous office environments are now planning to return to the new office environment and must adapt to transitioning from a dedicated space to a shared space (AKA Hoteling).  Companies may no longer require large real estate and can cut costs and increase employee morale and satisfaction by downsizing their total office space using a Hoteling solution.

Though the private cubicle may not be coming back, there is a fundamental need for more privacy in the new office.  Designers are creating an open-plan office design with a range of lounge areas, meeting rooms, soundproof pods, and shared desks.  Social areas are designed to have tables or areas suitable for laptop work.

What does this mean for all the phones, headsets, and other communication devices that your company already has?

Instead of purchasing all new equipment, you can utilize your existing phone equipment by adding certain devices, such as the MDA220 USB communications hub, that manages calls from desk phones, softphones and mobile phones. The MDA220 remains on the desk with PC (or laptop) and phone, and the employees bring their own headsets to the desk and simply plug in.

MDA220 Features:








  • Easy to Use Switch
  • Headset Call Control
  • Natural Sounding Audio
  • Future Ready Design
  • One Touch Remote Call Control
  • Wideband Stereo Audio
  • Connects to PCs, Macs, Deskphones, Poly USB Headsets and devices (Corded, wireless, Bluetooth).

What are the most recommended headsets for this?

Corded Headset Solution:

The Blackwire 3315/3325 USB/3.5MM Corded Headset:


    bwblog1.jpg     bwblog2.jpg     bwblog3.jpg     bwblog4.jpg

  • Models available with USB-A standard and USB-C micro connectors
  • Also available in Microsoft Teams version with dedicated Teams button
  • Connects quickly – Plug and Play
  • BW3315/BW3325 come with leatherette ear pads, travel pouch and have both a USB and 3.5mm connection for PC and mobile phones/tablets
  • So affordable, managers can get one for all employees

For more details, click Blackwire 3300 Series.

Wireless Headset Solution

Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Wireless Headset


  • 4-Microphone noise-canceling that blocks out unwanted noise
  • Caller ID and voice announce
  • Smart sensor lets headset know where to send call
  • Comfort tested design
  • Connects to desk phone, PC and mobile phone through Bluetooth
  • Dynamic Mute Alert lets you know if you are on mute

Find your headset with Tile.  If your Voyager headset goes missing, Tile will help you find it.




  For assistance with Hoteling in your office space for both hardware and design, please contact one of our Hoteling specialists today!