Headsets especially for the transportation and warehouse industry.  Learn more...

Headsets especially for the transportation and warehouse industry. Learn more...

Posted by UC Zilla, Headset Specialist on Jun 10th 2021


Companies serving the transportation industry look for headset equipment that is rugged with excellent noise canceling and longer talk times than other types of headsets.  People who need these types of headsets include field service engineers, fleet drivers, logistics professionals, truckers and those working in noisy warehouse environments. The BlueParrott rugged headsets are made especially for these types of professionals.



Truckers and fleet drivers experience the daily grind, and a reliable, comfortable hands-free headset can make the job less stressful.  And with strict FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations prohibiting talking on the phone while driving, a Bluetooth wireless headset can relieve stress and ease loneliness while on those long hauls.  Drivers can stay in contact with their dispatchers, family and friends and also listen to their favorite podcasts or music. 

Benefits of a Bluetooth Wireless Headset:

  •  Frees your hands - A Bluetooth wireless headset keeps your hands free to steer and shift gears while talking.  It also keeps you in full compliance with FMCSA guidelines.
  •  Auto Connect - A Bluetooth wireless headset will automatically connect to your smartphone.
  •  Relaxation - With a Bluetooth wireless headset, you are hands-free, and you won't jump out of your vehicle and be pulled back by a cord as in corded headsets.  Your headset provides entertainment while on the road while listening to music or talking to your dispatcher, manager or family.  You stay connected.

Challenges for Drivers:

  • Tighter timescales and hectic workloads
  • Keeping customers updated on-the-go
  • Communicating dispatch and customer information quickly and safely
  • Providing visibility of delivery operations to managers

Features to Consider When Purchasing a headset:

1.  Quality - You want a headset that has good sound quality.  You don't want a headset that muffles the voice or music or creates a lot of static.  You already have enough noise going on inside your rig.

2.  Comfort - A good headset should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fit well or you won't wear it.  Money wasted.

3.  Battery Life - When looking at headsets, be sure to check the battery life, especially if you're a long-haul driver.

4.  Cost - If you want the newest headset with many features, you may pay more up front, but it will be well-worth it in the long run.  However, headsets come in all price ranges.  Cheaper doesn't equal better, especially if you can't hear well or it easily breaks.

We suggest the following headsets:

Headset Links:  S450-XT   B550-XT   B450-XT   B350-XT   B250-XT




Warehouse workers often experience a high noise environment. 

  •  You need a headset that works seamlessly with warehouse voice-directed picking and speech recognition devices and applications. 
  •  You need crystal clear communications, regardless of background noise. 
  •  You need a headset that will see you through your shift. 

BlueParrott  headsets do all this - and more.  BlueParrott headsets are engineered to make hands-free communication better than ever, with industry-leading noise-cancelation, seamless integration with mobile devices and impressive features and durability making BlueParrott the ideal headset for today's warehouse professionals.

Headset Links:  M300-XT S450-XT   C400-XT   C300-XT   B350-XT   B450-XT


Voyager 5200 UC with Alexa Built-in

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