Our Mission

We strive to eliminate the hassle of acquiring, deploying and maintaining voice and video communication technology, device endpoints and services by building a supplier-partner relationship.  By investing in our customers, we provide the best customer-centric service, specialized customer programs, competitive prices and on time delivery.  Through flexibility, focus, creativity, resilience, and determination our team offers a consultive approach to supporting each customers’ unique requirements.


November 28th 2022 - Poly CCX Series Business Multimedia Desk Phones

The Poly CCX Series Business Media Desk Phones offer...read more


September 21st 2022 - Poly Edge E Series Desktop Phones.

Incredible audio meets modern design in this feature-rich family of desktop IP phones...read more

August 22 2022 -Healthcare Solutions for TeleHealth and Video Conferencing

Lexair provides headsets and accessories for many types of healthcare providers. We assist our customers in ...read more

August 18th 2022 -6 Best Back to School Headsets/Headphones 2022

As many students are heading back to school, parents are learning that school budgets are strained, and they are now required to supply headsets or headphones for their children...read more

July 28th 2022 - "Bob is garbled."  Can you hear me now?

“Bob is garbled.” I cannot understand what he is saying.” Bob was Robert Hooke, an Englishman, who is credited with the first wired form of communication which occurred in 1667...read more

July 5th 2022 - Push-to-Talk Solutions for 911 Emergency Dispatch and Secure Sensitive Areas

Who uses Push-to-Talk (PTT) equipment?  Most commonly are 911 Dispatchers, people who work in Public Safety jobs, Air Traffic Controllers, and those who work in sensitive and secure areas...read more 

June 21st 2022 - JPL Introduces Vision Access Windows Hello Compatible Facial Recognition USB Webcam 

Security is one of the top priorities on the minds of many top executives of both large and small businesses... read more

June 16th 2022 - Jabra Introduces Engage 55 DECT USB Highly Secure Wireless Headset Series with Link 400! 

The Engage 55 DECT series offers headset models in single ear, stereo and convertible wearing styles...read more

June 7th 2022 - Comparison Between Jabra Evolve 75 and Poly Voyager Focus 2. Which Would You Choose?

Whether you're hybrid working at home or in the corporate office, you are probably wearing a headset at...read more