Today's contact centers and business service providers rely on cutting edge technology to meet or exceed their customers' expectations.  Success demands the best telecom and IT devices, associated support services and IT services to enhance your service delivery and to "future-proof" your device investment.   Performance interruptions due to poor voice quality, dropped calls or device deficiencies can cost companies more than just the associated expenses, they make you vulnerable to competitors. Wouldn’t it be helpful if one supplier was a device expert, had developed a host of managed services to support your telecom/IT infrastructure and also offered IT services to participate in the development of the software/applications prior to device selection? Could then perform data analytics captured by the hardware and devices supplied? What if that same supplier could perform analytics that would expose potential performance weakness, predict future outcomes and prescribe actionable prevention? Lexair is that supplier!


At Lexair, we build solutions. We are an audio and video device specialist and a provider of managed services and IT services. With over 20 years of telecommunications and IT experience, as technology has evolved, Lexair has evolved. Our “Define-Device-Develop-Deploy” approach provides a unique perspective by being present throughout the process, from strategy to product selection to implementation to maintenance. Additionally, Lexair has demonstrated knowledge and experience as a tier one supplier to both global contact centers and business services customers.


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