Why Doesn't My New Headset Work With My Phone?

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The Problem:

You purchased a business grade professional headset like an HW710, and it won't work with your phone! 

The Solution:

Once you choose a Plantronics headset, you need to check the Compatibility Guide BEFORE you actually make the purchase.  When you type in the model of your business phone, the guide will display a list of headsets that are compatible with your phone model, and show whether or not the headset requires an amplifier plus which amplifier is required.

Too often, people purchase a headset thinking that all that is required is to plug it into their existing telephone headset port.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way because headsets are not always compatible with all phone models.  Or, the headset requires an additional cable or amplifier to be able to hear audio.

When you purchase a headset from Lexair, we display that information directly on the product page with a link that goes directly to the cables and amplifiers page so you can see what is required for your phone model.

If your choice is a headset with a USB connection, then you're all set as the headset plugs directly into the PC with no additional cables required for your softphone experience.

When in doubt, contact one of our headset specialists before you buy and we'll help you make the right choice.

DID YOU KNOW  that you can use your H-Series professional headset with most smartphones by adding the Plantronics 3.5mm QD cord?  Just be sure your smartphone has the 3.5mm port as some of the new iPhones do not.

That was easy!