What is Acoustic Fence Technology?

What is Acoustic Fence Technology?

Posted by UC Zilla, Headset Specialist on Jul 7th 2020

Acoustic Fence Technology Available with Poly's Blackwire 8225

So, what does it mean?  During these days of working from home due to COVID-19, we need privacy and quiet when talking to customers on the phone.  There's nothing worse than trying to do business on a call when you have a dog barking, a baby crying, or someone talking in the background.  Using Blackwire 8225 enhanced with Acoustic Fence Technology and advanced hybrid active noise canceling, all of that can easily be eliminated allowing you to continue your call without background interruptions.   See the short demonstration in the video below:



As with all of the Poly USB headsets, Blackwire 8225 is compatible with most of the popular platforms allowing for flexibility.


Blackwire 8225 is a premium USB headset which connects to a PC/Desk phone via USB-A/USB-C connector.  It's compatible with both Windows or Mac OS and uses two microphones.  It offers call controls with answer/end, mute, volume up and down as well as a Microsoft Teams button on the -M model.

Another great feature are the built-in online indicators with two LED indicators on the speaker housing which lets other household members know you are on a call.

For more information on other headsets in the Blackwire family, click Blackwire Headsets.

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