Should You Upgrade to the new Savi 8200 Series Wireless Headset?

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Should You Uprade to the New Savi 8000 Wireless Series




Looking at the chart above, it's easy to see the new features at a glance when comparing the older Savi 710 and 720 to the new Savi 8210 and Savi 8220 wireless headsets, and the advantages offered.

  • DECT Stereo with Active Noise Canceling (ANC)
  • Enhanced wireless range
  • Solution management via Plantronics Manager Pro/Hub
  • Close Conversation Limiting which really solves the problem in noisy environments*
  • Savi platform with proven reliability
  • Also available in Microsoft versions

*A note about 'Close Conversation Limiting' available in the Savi 8200 series.  For those of you who work in noisy environments such as open office settings or call centers, the Savi 8200 series really helps to shut out the noise around you enabling you to hear yourself and your customer without environmental noise distraction.  See how this works in the short video below.

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