Poly Announces New Sync 10 USB Speakerphone for Hybrid/Home Office

Poly Announces New Sync 10 USB Speakerphone for Hybrid/Home Office

Posted by U.C. Zilla, Headset Specialist on Apr 27th 2022


All-In-One USB Speakerphone for Home Offices

With the trend moving to a large percent of people working from their home offices, also referred to as hybrid working, Poly has introduced a new USB Portable Speakerphone primarily for personal use. 

People no longer need to rely on the microphone and speakers in their laptops, and having people tell them they are on "mute!"  The new Poly Speakerphone 10 has updated technology which offers these three attributes:

  •  Let's you hear and be heard
  •  Easy to use
  •  Matches your workstyle

With clear audio and a compact design, any room can become a conference room at home.  With touch sensitive controls and bright LED indicators, every call is controlled and enhanced with full-duplex audio.

The Sync 10 has everything you need without all the bells and whistles and at an affordable price.  It's USB powered, so no need to worry about battery life.  And... it's IP64 dust and waterproof.  With the Hi-Fi quality music speaker, start your day with a little music and a smile.

The Sync 10 is Zoom certified and MS Teams certified (on Teams models) as well as many popular platforms.

Available in regular and MS Teams version. See Poly Sync 10 USB Speakerphone.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.  We also offer Enterprise pricing.