Hybrid Working - Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Hybrid Working - Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Posted by UC Zilla, Headset Specialist on Mar 24th 2022


Are you a manager with some of your team working at home, while others are in the office? Or perhaps a little of both? Those team members that are working from home need to feel like they are being kept in the loop and up to speed on all matters. If you are strictly communicating through email, you may want to give some thought to how you, as a manager, can be more effective as a leader, and more inclusive of all members.

When you can see as well as hear everyone together in a meeting, people are more aware, feel more excitement about their projects, and most of all, they feel like they are really part of the team again.

How can this be accomplished?

Poly offers some excellent solutions in all price levels that work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other major platforms. For example, a good webcam and headset doesn’t have to break your budget and can be utilized easily for those team members working from home.

The Poly Studio P5 webcam paired with a wired or wireless headset offers great clarity and the ability to hear so much better. We call it, "See and Be Heard!"  View the Poly Kits to learn more about what is available at reasonable prices.

For video conferencing solutions inside the office, we might suggest the Poly Studio X30 or X50 with so many unique features. See Video Conferencing Solutions for more choices and product details, as we have a collaborative solution for every type of business regardless of size.

"In the blink of an eye, the fundamentals of business communication have transformed. Where we once had face-to-face meetings and firm handshakes, we now live in a world of virtual meetings," said John Goodwin, senior vice president, public affairs, Poly. "Poly ensures that everyone can be part of the conversation, on any platform, from anywhere, with total meeting equality. We help businesses erase distance and amplify the exchange of ideas to the point that no one can remember whether they were shared on a screen or in the room."*

So bring your team together for collaboration and motivation anyplace, anytime anywhere!


*From Poly’s blog of February 16, 2022, Poly's All Together Campaign Delivers an Inclusive Vision for Meeting Equality