Call Centers - A New Approach - Challenge or Opportunity?

Call Centers - A New Approach - Challenge or Opportunity?

Posted by UC Zilla, Headset Specialist on Mar 7th 2022


Call Centers - A New Approach

Challenge or Opportunity?  Time to Raise the Bar

Happy customers begin with great customer service.  Let's face it, hybrid working is here to stay, especially as it relates to call centers.  The employer gets a wider selection of talent, and the employee can work from home or in the office.  Work is no longer about commuting to the office and sitting at the same desk every day.  Employees are returning to the office, working at home, or perhaps doing a little of both. The challenge is how to keep your customer service representatives connected with a remote team on multiple platforms?  With audio and video?  And across multiple environments and endpoints?

As a Platinum Partner with Poly, we can offer the highest quality products and solutions that enhance the communications experience for you, your people and your customers.

The first introduction to your company is often when the customer service representative answers the phone.  Having clear audio and reduced background noise enhances customer trust.  We can provide your team with Poly equipment designed with the customer service representative in mind working on a single solution or end-to-end deployment across multiple environments.

Below are a few suggestions to help you in choosing the right solution for you or your company:

callc-office-t.jpgCustomer Service:  In Office

For all day comfort and effortless control, we recommend the EncorePro 500 Series corded headsets such as an EncorePro HW525 USB, or an EP525 which has both a USB-A/USB-C connection on one single corrector paired with the MDA524 QD corded switcher for QD headsets.  And for a good webcam, add a Poly Studio P5 camera for clear audio and video.  The MD524 QD Audio Processor seamlessly integrates mixed call environments making it easier for CSRs (customer service representatives) to provide a better customer experience.  With a Y-training cable, managers can listen-in while training new employees.

callc-hybrid-home-off-t.jpg Customer Service: Hybrid-Work from Home/Office

Enjoy all day comfort with the EncorePro HW520 corded headset paired with the D85 Audio Processor and Poly Studio P5 camera for seamless audio and video.  Or the EP525 comes with both USB-A and USB-C on one connector.  Also available in MS Teams versions.  What is important whether you are working in your home office or regular office is having good quality equipment.  Be seen in a good video and be heard with a quality headset.

callc-sales-t.jpg  Outbound Sales

The Savi 8220 UC noise canceling wireless headset blocks out distracting background noise which is especially a must-have feature if you are working from your home office.  Focus on your customer not on your barking dog!  Pair with the Poly VVX 350 6-line midrange IP desk phone and be at the top of your game!

voyager-4320-uc-stand-t.jpg    IT Help Desk

Focus on your conversation, not background noise with the Voyager 4320.  Features include 2 dual noise canceling microphones and Acoustic Fence technology with really blocks out that disturbing background in the office or home office.

callc-cust-success-t.jpg    Best of the Best for Customer Success

The award-winning EncorePro 700 Series USB corded headsets are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.  Pair it with the DA85 USB Audio Processor which has both the USB-A and USB-C on one connection.

Models above come in both UC and Microsoft Teams versions.  Take take the challenge and upgrade to better equipment to give your employees or yourself a better work experience.  Enterprise pricing available.  Please contact a certified headset specialist with any questions.