Jabra GN2125 NC Telecoil for Hearing Impaired (2127-80-54)


Jabra GN2125 NC Telecoil for Hearing Impaired Professionals

The GN2125-Telecoil headset makes the superior headset solution available to those with special hearing needs. Hearing aid users can enjoy all the health benefits and increased work efficiencies that headsets bring.

Designed for hearing aid wearers who want the benefits of headset use, the GN 2125 Telecoil is equipped with a hearing aid-compatible Telecoil fitted to the plain side of the earpiece. It works with all standard Telecoil-equipped hearing aids. The Telecoil cancels out surrounding background sound while heightening the sound quality from the telephone, giving hearing aid users clearer, crisper phone conversations free from interfering background noise.

Simply switch your hearing aid to the ”T” position, and you’re ready to use the headset. For best performance, place the plain side of the earpiece as close as possible to your hearing aid. The GN 2125 Telecoil’s design ensures all-day wearing comfort, thanks to the light weight flex-boom arm. The noise-cancelling (NC) microphone filters out even more unwanted background noise, making the GN 2125 Telecoil especially ideal in open or noisier office environments.

A click-stop headband provides a customized fit and pillow-soft ear cushions rest gently over the ear. This model is a binaural headset (you hear through both ears) -- which improves audibility of weak voices and blocks out distracting ambient sounds and nearby voices.

This headset does not work alone by itself and requires either the GN1200 telephone cord (for use with desktop telephones only), or the LINK 860 which will work with both desktop telephones and soft phones (VoIP).

Key features:

  • For use with special hearing needs
  • ATL technology eliminates sound reverberations
  • Convenient swing-away boom
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Full-size leatherette ear cushion
  • Two-year warranty

Requires either GN1200 smart cord or LINK 860



Warranty - 2 Years