Plantronics Manager Pro - Effortless Headset Management.

IT departments are responsible for hundreds or thousands of headset users company-wide.  Dealing with individual needs can put them into constant reaction mode, running from one issue to the next.  Until now, IT staff have had no easy way to know how many or what types of headsets are being used.  There was no easy way to update headsets with the latest firmware.  And, no easy way to adjust settings and debug user problems except by being physiclly present.  This process can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, frustrating for IT, and expensive. 

The solution:  Plantronics Manager Pro. Click PHOTO PRESENTATION to learn more.

Easy-to-use tools that configure settings and update firmware to headset users, all at once.  Reporting tools with simple, intuitive data visualization that provide a near real-time snapshot of the headsets in use.  Reports on firmware and software compliance, inventory status, and headset usage across the enterprise.  And, the ability to troubleshoot issues remotely. 

It's the difference between complexity and simplicity.  Proactive and reactive.  Uncertainty and clarity. For the end-user, it means consistency.  And for IT staff, effortless management. 

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