Poly Blackwire C7225 USB-A Black (211144-01)

Blackwire C7225 USB-A Black


1-poly-60.pngPoly Blackwire C7225 USB-A Black (Also available in White)

Help office professionals block out distractions and boost productivity with Blackwire 7225, the corded boomless UC&C headset with either USB-A or USB-C connectivity. In noisy office environments, Blackwire 7225 delivers an immersive experience that allows you to focus on work while listening to music or other media in hi-fi stereo. When it’s time to collaborate via audio or video, active noise canceling (ANC) reduces background noise for the speaker. The pioneering boomless design meets office professionals’ needs for a stylish headset that looks and sounds great for listening to media or collaborating on voice or video calls. One-touch call and media controls are easily accessible on the headset, making it simple for users to switch from concentration to collaboration on the spot. Blackwire 7225 is supported by Poly Manager Pro—Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is sold separately—allowing you to monitor, manage, and maintain devices company-wide from any web browser. (Contact us for information on Poly Manager Pro)


• Ideal for all-day use, audio, video, and listening to multimedia with Hi-Fi stereo, boomless.
• On-demand active and passive-noise canceling block out distractions.
• Dedicated PC/Mac connectivity with either universal USB-A or USB-C type connectivity.
• A choice of black or white color finishes.
• Four microphones detect noise from all directions, separate noise from the speaker’s voice,
with digital signal processing (DSP) to deliver a natural voice sound

Online indicator on the USB connector shows Green when available and Red when busy.

blackwire-7200-usb-green-350.jpg    blackwire-7200-usb-busy-350.jpg



Warranty - 2 Years