4 Questions To Consider When Choosing the Right Headset Solution

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4 Questions To Consider When Choosing the Right Headset Solution

Before purchasing a headset, there are some things you may want to consider, so the choice you make will be the correct one for you.

1.  Where are you working?

a.  Are you in a location where you are at a desk in the office or at your home office?

b.  Are you around the office where you spend more time in the office rather than traveling, but you need freedom in the office to complete your tasks?

c.  Are you a road warrior on the go most of the time, so you need to be able to work from anywhere?

2.  What devices do you want to connect?

a.  A traditional desk phone.

b.  Softphone using VoIP through your computer.

c.  Smartphone.

d.  Tablet.

e.  Multiple devices.

3.  Do you work in a noisy environment?

a.  Low Noise – If you are in a low noise environment at your office, you might wish to consider using a headset with an omni-directional microphone which can pick up sound from and direction and block ambient and surrounding noise.

b.  Average Noise – A single ear or monaural headset with a noise-canceling feature would work in this environment and allows you to be aware of what is going on around you. This solution would work in a typical open office environment.

c.  High Noise – If you are working in a very high noise environment and need to block out the noise of a person sitting right beside you, then a dual ear or binaural noise-canceling headset would be the best solution.

4.  Do you need a wireless or corded headset?

a.  Wireless headset solution – Wireless headsets come in many designs and offer multiple options. Choose from over-the-head both single ear and dual ear or choose one that fits in or over the ear. Wireless headsets can work with multiple devices and allow freedom of movement.

b.  Standard Corded headset solution – Some people prefer a corded headset which is perfect if your primary work is at your desk. They come in both monaural (single ear) and binaural (dual ear) and offer superior sound quality. Requires an additional amplifier or bottom cable for audio.

c.  USB Corded headset solution – USB computer headsets are ready to go out of the box and can travel with you.

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